About James Hollow


I am President of MullenLowe Profero Japan, an innovative digital-centric agency that works with a variety of international brands. MullenLowe Profero is MullenLowe Group, one of the world’s biggest and respected agency networks. In addition to the management role I lead strategy on projects for international brands both in Japan, and taking Japanese brands out of Japan.

Previously I co-founded Alien-Eye, Inc, an independent digital agency and ran it as CEO from 2004~2013 before it was acquired by Profero. I am also a 500 Startups mentor, supporting tech entrepreneurs growth strategies in Japan.

I have a strong scientific and analytical background, with a Masters Degree in Physics from Oxford University, and 3 years of training the WPP Marketing Fellowship – a program to develop media neutral brand and marketing strategists, but combine this with a dedication to creative thinking and inventiveness, and love working in diverse and creative teams.

Day to day I work principally as a brand and communications strategist, directing a multi-faceted team to solve complex challenges, focused mainly but not exclusively on growing international brands in Japan.

Leading a team that combines expertise in media, technology and creative, I bring to bear my own restless curiosity for Japanese culture, technology and the evolution of the web, as well a sense for products and services and how people engage with them.

The child of two passionate teachers, I have a strong sense for the importance of education, working closely as an advisor for a learning and language technology companies, serving as deputy chair of the board of trustees of the British School in Tokyo, and teaching courses for young entrepreneurs and brand strategists in Japanese.

Academically I have a deep-seated preoccupation with the co-evolution of technology, mankind and nature, an area I explore in numerous ways, from reading widely around these fields, indulging in innovative and/or elegant new technologies, as well as through hobbies such as gardening, experimenting with urban-greening and recycling techniques, and trying to keep to a sustainable urban lifestyle in general.

With a background in the physical sciences, and now a communications professional, I follow the global energy debate with keen interest, and in the future hope to play a more active role in bringing low carbon energy solutions to prominence.

At home I dedicate myself to cooking delicious British food for my wife and two sons, camping and hiking in Japan’s mountains, and nurturing a love for cricket in anyone who shows an interest!